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Why You Should Make Time for a Physical Exam

The importance of physical exams cannot be overstated. Annual physicals are an important way to maintain your overall health and well-being, and they can even help detect any early signs of health issues that may become serious down the line. Here, we will discuss why physical exams are so essential and how you can get one in Katy, TX. 

What Happens During an Annual Physical? 

During an annual physical exam, your doctor will ask about any changes in your medical history, lifestyle habits, medications are taken, and any other symptoms or concerns you have. They will also check your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature) as well as examine your eyes and ears. Your doctor may also order a urine test or blood work to check for any underlying health problems. 

The Benefits of Physical Exams 

Physical exams provide a valuable opportunity to assess your overall health status. Regular check-ups allow you to keep track of any potential diseases that could affect you down the line. Additionally, having an annual physical can help you stay on top of any treatments or medications that need to be taken for existing conditions or diseases. Furthermore, doctors at PIMAH specialize in women’s wellness checkups – which include breast exams – giving women peace of mind when it comes to their personal healthcare needs. 


Overall, scheduling regular physicals are essential for both men and women alike in order to stay on top of their health. At PIMAH in Katy TX, we offer a variety of services including general physical exams specifically tailored toward each patient’s individual needs at affordable rates. Contact us today if you have more questions about our services or would like to schedule an appointment!

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