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What is Foundation Repair? ( Problems, Repair Services, Cost)

How do Foundation problems occur?

Before going into foundation destruction and its reparation, firstly, we have to understand the reason for the occurrence of the foundation problem. Through which ways has the problem occurred? There are two main factors behind the destruction of the foundation.

Clay Condition or Soil condition

The molecules in the soil fluctuate depending on the soil’s dryness and wetness. When soil wets, the molecules of soil are puffed up. When it dries, the molecules of soil deflate. They sink and retract to smaller molecular sizes during soil dryness, and the foundation falls back.

Climate Condition

Unstable climate conditions cause disturbance of the soil. With heavy rains, a molecule of clay goes to expansion. On the other hand, the expansive soil would not expand due to fewer raindrops. Ultimately it leads to damage to the foundation.

Foundation Repair Services 

The foundation repair services depend on the damage or crack of the foundation. For instance, for slab damage, the repair of the slab foundation is required. Similarly, that particular repair service is required for pier and beam foundations. Here we discuss two types of foundation services.

Slab Foundation Services

One technique used for the reparation of slab foundation is slab jacking, which includes filling space under the slab and backing it towards its original position. In this case, drill the holes and fill the space with cement. Slab foundation services are necessary for home building’s repair. The slab foundation is considered home building services.

Pier and Beam Foundation Services 

Pier and beam foundation methods include reshimming, adding or repairing beams, and replacing beams. The three methods are used according to the requirement of the foundation. If the beam has come closer, the reshimming technique will be used. Similarly, adding beams increases the strength of the foundation. 

Cost of Foundation Repair

The cost of foundation repair is the biggest question during foundation repair. The cost of the foundation depends upon its damage. Few factors determine the cost of repair.

 Accessibility to the Repair Point

Accessibility to the point is necessary for the determination of the cost of the foundation. If support requires a high cost to go up to the point, its overall cost will be increased. For example, if the point is a sidewalk, its cost will be increased. Therefore, accessibility to the point is essential during the determination of the cost of the foundation.

Repair Method

The repair method is another criterion for the estimation of the cost of the foundation’s repair. The most expensive repair method is the bell-bottom pier method which might have cost $700 to $900. On the contrary, the pile method is less expensive. The cost of one pressed pile might range between $500 to $600.

How Does Foundation Repair Helpful?

The occurrence of foundation problems lies in different conditions. However, the repair services are helpful for the restoration of the foundation’s strength. Foundation repair will again restore the strength of any building and save the people from harmful destruction in case of any natural disaster. So, the importance of foundation repair will increase in those areas where threats of natural disasters are significant.

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