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Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Custom-Printed Boxes

Custom-Printed Boxes, Product packaging is of great importance, but this is not how things have always been because, back in the day, product packaging was only a medium to carry products. Now, product packaging holds nearly as much importance as the product packed inside it. Product packaging grew the most in the last decade or so, just like most industries in the world, but custom boxes aren’t something old. 

They aren’t something entirely new to the customer base, but it has not spent that time in the market, but one thing is for sure, and that is that custom packaging boxes with logo are here to stay for a long time. The best part about custom product packaging is that it provides you the freedom to do anything to the box, whether it is related to materials, color, design, or art.

In this blog, we will tell you tricks you can use to get the most out of your custom-printed boxes. If that sounds appealing, then let’s hop into it.

Use Engaging Colors of Custom-Printed Boxes

The color of your pCustom-Printed Boxes matters a lot because the color tells about your brand and values, for example, red color shows courage and love. You can’t just wake up and choose a color for your packaging because a lot of thought has to be put into that matter. You need to consider the art and design of your packaging and see if that looks good in a certain color. 

We recommend that you go for engaging colors like red, blue, orange, grey, etc. The reason behind this is that engaging colors will attract more customers, and attracting customers is the main reason why brands have shifted to custom boxes.

Go With Festive Themes 

To build a proper and reputable brand, you need to ensure that you are continuously reaching new customers. You design your product packaging according to the preferences of your customers, and this means that our targeted audience will stay away from your product because the product packaging doesn’t attract them, but there is a thing that will attract everyone. 

That thing is festive themes and trends in the market, festive themes like Christmas bring everyone together, and everyone is attracted to it. Yes, the competition gets tough, but you will get more visibility. The trends in the market are also great because something new attracts more customers. Remember not to go all in with such packaging because festivals and trends will go away, and you don’t want to get left with packaging that doesn’t make sense to customers.

Consider Product Integrity 

No matter how much this industry revolutionizes, the primary reason for using product packaging will remain the same, and that is to keep the product safe from any kind of damage. Your precious products will face a lot of hurdles while getting shipped. You can start using inserts for your product packaging because not only do they look clean and decent, they work well for providing cushioning for the products.

Pay Attention To Size of Custom-Printed Boxes

Another major thing that needs special attention is the size of your product packaging. Size matters in packaging because you don’t want to pack your precious product in a box that is too small or too big. If a box is too small, then it will have to take more pressure which can result in product damage. 

On the other hand, if the box is too big, then it will give a lot of room for the product inside the packaging to roll over continuously, which can also result in damage. To avoid this mistake, you should take the exact dimensions of your product and send those dimensions to your packaging manufacturer so they can come up with perfectly-sized boxes.


The functionality of your packaging means a lot to the customer. Firstly, they want packaging that is easy to open and close because they are paying you for your product, and it is important to know that you are selling your product in a box and not in a riddle, so keep it simple. 

Secondly, you want product packaging that makes a shelf impact. Let’s say that you want to sell multiple variations of a product in one single packaging; then it’s best for you that you use dividers to make an impact in customers’ eyes.

Display Your Product Details on Custom Boxes

Brands focus on customizing the product packaging to attract customers, but some of them forget that your packaging should also have product details. If you sell a product that needs multiple usages to tell if it works or not, then the customer won’t buy that product if there are no details about the product on the packaging. 

Don’t just put all your focus on making beautiful product packaging; you should also spend time printing details on your product packaging and making a difference by saving the time of your customers.

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