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Things to Check If Your Dyson V6 Keeps Stopping and Starting

If you’re having trouble with your hdyson v6 keeping stopping and starting, there are several things to check. If one or more of these things isn’t working, you may need to replace your battery or vacuum cleaner.

First, make sure the dust bin is empty. A Dyson vacuum cleaner needs constant airflow to work, and a full bin can make this difficult.

Power cord

The power cord on your hdyson v6 keeps stopping and starting, which is a bummer especially since you probably invested a good amount of money into the machine. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to check the outlet to make sure the cord is firmly attached and plug it in as often as possible.

It’s also worth taking a closer look at the battery to see if it’s actually charging properly. It’s not uncommon for batteries to be tucked into their charger incorrectly, which can lead to your gizmo taking longer than necessary to boot up.

You may also want to check the motor on your hdyson v6 to ensure it’s not on a permanent stand-by. This can make the machine squeal in protest and possibly shut it down altogether. The motor on your hdyson c4 is one of the most powerful on the market, so it’s important to treat it with respect.

The best way to do this is to use a Dyson technician as your guide. They can assess your vac and provide you with a quick quote on the costs of repairing or replacing the appliance.


You’re vacuuming your house and the Dyson v6 suddenly switches off. This is not uncommon, as it’s often caused by a low battery.

However, if your Dyson v6 keeps stopping and starting even after fully charging the battery, this could be due to a faulty battery. If the problem persists, it’s time to replace the battery.

To get your hands on a replacement battery, you’ll need to remove the vacuum from the docking station. It’s a simple process that’ll require you to use a screwdriver.

There are a lot of different battery options for the Dyson V6, but it’s important to choose one that has a higher mAh capacity than the original. This will help extend your run time and boost your cleaning performance.


The filter of your Dyson vacuum cleaner is a vital part of its performance. A dirty or clogged filter will stop the unit from sucking properly.

You should regularly wash your Dyson vacuum’s filters. This will help to prevent allergens and dust from circulating around your home.

In many models, you can also choose to add a HEPA filter. These prevent allergens from entering the air and will help to keep your family healthy.

If your Dyson v6 keeps stopping and starting, it could be that the filter is clogged. The filter is the blue cone-shaped piece that you should rinse regularly and put back in.

Some people find that they only need to rinse the filter once a month. You can easily check if it needs rinsing by removing the filter and testing the machine without it.

One reader has suggested that a flap inside the vacuum head might get stuck. Try disassembling the attachment and locating the flap, then gently pushing it to pop it loose.


If you’re having problems with your hdyson v6 keeping stopping and starting, then there may be a problem with the motor. The digital motor on this model spins up to 110,000 times a minute, and it’s this spinning action that creates the high levels of suction that Dyson vacuums are known for.

If the motor isn’t spinning as it should, there are some things you can do to try and fix the issue. First, empty the bin of the machine to see if it’s full.

Then, if the problem persists, power cycle the unit for at least 5 minutes to reset its motherboard.

This will remove any electrical power that’s currently in the motherboard. Once the electronics have reset, your vacuum should work again without issue.

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