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Learn What is Poker HUD? Meaning of HUD in Poker

When you get acquainted with the game of poker. You see forums, associations, groups often mention this HUD, you are curious and do not understand what HUD is. This article explains to you the HUD, the meaning of the basic HUD indicators and how to install the HUD when playing online poker. Let’s register vn88 and follow!


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What is HUD?


HUD, fully written Heads Up Display, is a computer-based tool that collects and displays statistics about your opponents. HUD is like your eyes on the poker table. For example, you can set to display the percentage of hands your opponent plays, how often they raise, 3-bet them and so on.


Thus, over a fair amount of hands, when looking at each opponent’s HUD, you will get an overview of how they play poker. Thereby helping you to make reasonable decisions in each conflict situation with them. But what I want to emphasize is the number of hands observed. The larger the set of numbers, the more accurate the information obtained. If your HUD is based on a few hands, it doesn’t mean anything.


How to set up the HUD . board


Every poker player has his or her own set of HUDs. It includes the index you feel is necessary and appropriate for the bet level, the type of poker you play. Which indicators should be used, I mentioned above. This step shows you how to set up the HUD only. For HM2, you use the Hud Designer feature to do that.


Go to HUD Settings on HM2 software. The HUD Desinger frame appears. To set up your HUD set, you need to simply drag the required metric from the right column to the left column. You should group 3 indexes into the line and press New Line when entering the line. Go to pokerstars supported poker floors, give it a try. After a few hands, the HUD starts to appear next to each of your opponents’ names.



Through the above article to help you answer the question what is Poker HUD in the most detail. Hope you have more useful knowledge for yourself through the information that we share to play poker more effectively. Register vn88 to receive 50k and good luck!


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