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How to Design Travel Brochure That Captivates Your Audience

Designing a travel brochure that stands out from the competition requires more than just picking attractive images and compelling copy. A brochure that captures the reader’s attention and inspires them to take action needs to be carefully planned, designed, and executed.

At its core, a travel brochure is a marketing tool that aims to persuade people to travel to a specific destination. In today’s digital world, brochures can be created both in print and online formats. Regardless of the medium, the goal is to create a brochure that conveys the destination’s unique selling points in a way that resonates with the target audience. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you design a travel brochure that stands out.

  • Identify Your Target Audience

The first step to creating a successful travel brochure is to identify your target audience. The brochure’s design and messaging should speak directly to the audience you are trying to reach. For example, if you are creating a brochure to promote a luxury resort, your design should be upscale and include high-end amenities. If you are targeting budget travelers, your design should be cost-effective and emphasize value for money.

  • Highlight the Destination’s Unique Selling Points

One of the main goals of a travel brochure is to highlight the destination’s unique selling points. Whether it’s the stunning scenery, cultural attractions, or adventure activities, the brochure should showcase what sets the destination apart from others. Use high-quality images and persuasive language to convey the experience visitors can expect.

  • Use an Eye-catching Cover

The cover of your travel brochure is the first thing potential travelers will see. Make sure it is eye-catching and conveys the destination’s essence. Use a high-quality image that captures the reader’s attention and clearly states the destination’s name. Elevate your travel business with our Travel Brochure Maker app for Android. Design eye-catching brochures and showcase your unique travel offerings with ease using our intuitive app. Also, consider using bold typography to create a strong visual impact.

  • Create a Compelling Itinerary

Many travelers want a comprehensive itinerary that includes all the must-see attractions and experiences. Make sure your brochure includes a well-planned itinerary that covers the most popular activities and highlights the destination’s unique offerings. Use a clear and concise format that makes it easy for readers to follow.

  • Make Your Brochure Easy to Read

A well-designed travel brochure should be easy to read and understand. Use a clear and readable font, and make sure the copy is concise and to the point. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to break up the text and make it more digestible. Learn How to Create effective Travel Brochures that grab your audience’s attention with our expert tips. From design to content, our guide covers everything you need to know to create a brochure that truly showcases your travel business. Use high-quality images to illustrate the copy and make it more visually appealing.

  • Include a Call-to-Action

At the end of your travel brochure, include a clear call to action that encourages readers to take the next step. This could be anything from visiting a website to making a reservation. Use persuasive language to encourage readers to take action and create a sense of urgency.

  • Emphasize Social Proof

Travelers often look for social proof before making a decision. Including reviews, testimonials, or ratings from other travelers can help build trust and credibility in your brochure. Highlight the experiences and positive feedback of past visitors to the destination.

  • Incorporate Interactive Features

Incorporating interactive features in your brochure can make it more engaging and memorable. Create visually stunning travel brochures with our easy-to-use Travel Brochure Creator app for iOS. Impress potential customers and showcase your travel business with professional designs that can be created on-the-go.  Consider adding QR codes, augmented reality, or videos to showcase the destination’s offerings. This can also help bring the brochure to life and create a more immersive experience for readers.

  • Use Color to Convey Emotion

Color can have a powerful impact on the reader’s emotions and can help convey the mood and atmosphere of the destination. Use color schemes that complement the destination’s theme and evoke the desired emotional response. For example, warm colors can create a sense of excitement and adventure, while cool colors can convey a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

  • Keep the Branding Consistent

Consistent branding is crucial for creating a recognizable and memorable brochure. Use a consistent color palette, font, and style throughout the brochure to create a cohesive and professional look. This will also help build brand recognition and make the brochure stand out from competitors.


Designing a travel brochure that stands out requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a clear understanding of the target audience. By following these tips and tricks, you can create a brochure that captures the reader’s attention and inspires them to take action.

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