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Hillandale Farms- Maintaining Key Animal Welfare Certifications

Animal Welfare Certifications, When it comes to farming, animals play an important role. But usually, animals don’t get proper treatment at the farms. Animal cruelty is a common aspect of farming which has caused worry across the world. However, some farms have taken a strict stand against animal cruelty and attempted to create a good environment for animals. Hillandale has strictly followed its ethics to maintain the key animal welfare certification which helps to make sure the special elation at certain production levels is maintained well. This farm follows certain guidelines to ensure all operations are followed within sustainability metrics and the customer gets quality eggs.

The role of a Safety-Focused Environment

Hillandale Farms has been working with the Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Department on regular basis. OSHA offers cooperative programs which focus more on lessening the illness and injuries to which animals are easily susceptible. They also conduct the onsite consultation solution to make sure the farm follows all the norms with OSHA standards and thus the potential health hazard risks can be avoided well.

Hillandale Farms Global Initiative:

Considering the improved technologies and new scientific data that have come up, Hillandale strictly follows a global initiative for the sustainable production of eggs. It is one hard effort to encourage the constant betterment and advancement in the development of the egg supply chain throughout the nation while exchanging all crucial information and ensuring scientific management is followed. As a part of global intuition, Hillandale ensures that chickens at their farms are treated well. They don’t support or tolerate animal cruelty which has earned them a plethora of certificates. Hillandale is a family-owned farm that is driven by the ethics of its founder Orland Bethel. Even after its enormous growth and tremendous success Hillandale still follows the old ethics and objective.

Their recent intuition has also established the productive egg manufacturing foundation. They had been promoting sustainable practices and their improvement constantly while encouraging the egg industries to implement a perspective to elevate the global standard by following the affiliated guidance. By establishing sustainability, Hillandale has created an example for the egg production industry.

Environmental Sustainability Achievement:

Hillandale has also focused more on bringing the expertise with the passion of manufacturing the environmentally friendly egg and thus prompting the ongoing advancement along with social sustainability enhancement at all the egg supply chain with better guidance of the global initiative for the quality eggs. The management of Hillandale also focuses on other aspects such as:

  • Less wastage of food
  • The egg production quality has been improved
  • The overall performance of animal agriculture is way lot enhanced
  • There is better growth in profit
  • The environmental impact while producing eggs was quite less

Hillandale Farms, during their journey of success, has ensured that each method to improve the production of the eggs and laying the hen feed conversion was carefully done so the environment does not get the effect of manufacturing the egg. Also, the meta-analysis report clearly states that bio-moss is an optimal dietary treatment that enhances the wellness of the gut along with the egg production rate that has been used by Hillandale for improving the environment.

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