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Hillandale Farms – A Discussion About Business Growth

Hillandale Farms Business Growth, One may not think twice before picking an egg for breakfast. But a lot of work goes on in the offices of the egg suppliers. From farm work to admin work egg suppliers work their best to supply the highest quality eggs to the market. While looking at an egg one may not understand the hard work which the egg suppliers put in, but each egg that makes the breakfasts healthier is a result of careful planning and painstaking consideration.

Hillandale Farms  Producing Healthy Eggs

Hillandale Farms is a famous name in the egg-supplying market. This farm has been supplying high-quality eggs since its inception. If one is looking for the freshest eggs, one can turn to Hillandale’s eggs. People who buy their eggs claim that Hillandale’s eggs are the most delicious and of the highest quality. One will not get eggs of better quality. Hillandale has succeeded in producing eggs in a sustainable manner for a long time.

Hillandale’s management has invested in human capital to ensure the best of its services. They believe that happy employees produce the best products in the market. Following this objective, Hillandale has made sure to employ the most talented people to run the farm.

Recently Kevin Jackson has been named the Chief Executive Officer of Hillandale. The new boss has previously served as the president of snacking and beverage division of Treehouse Foods. Jackson has a long career and years of experience in running successful businesses. Before joining Treehouse Jackson spent 18 years working for J.M Smucker Company.

Kevin Jackson has planned to lead Hillandale using more strategic insight. He is a leader who believes in leading from the front. Keeping an eye on the success of Hillandale Jackson says that he hopes to carry forward the legacy with success.

Hillandale At A Glance

Hillandale was founded in the year of 1958. Since the day of its inception, Hillandale stands for hard work and high quality. Nothing has succeeded in deterring Hillandale from producing quality unmatched in the market. The founder of Hillandale, Orland Bethel, used to drive coal trucks. He got a job at an egg farm and thus began a revolutionary career. Orland has gotten so excited about the egg company that he arranged money to buy out the farm. He started his business by reselling eggs only.

Hillandale grew slowly over the next few years. The business started to expand further toward West Virginia. Also, it saw growth in Pittsburgh. The business started to blossom in the ’60s. Since then Hillandale became a name in the market. People started to know about the high-quality eggs that this farm produces. Orland developed his business vertically by introducing grading.

70’s bring more growth as the business spread across Florida. It is then Hillandale started to grow chickens. In 1980, Gary, Orland’s son, joined the company. It was Gary who took the business to the next level. He has successfully handled every job he had been assigned to.

Hillandale Farms has grown to the level that now does not need an introduction. The farm runs on its goodwill as it has developed the reputation of supplying the highest quality eggs.