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Hate how google docs numbers

Hate how google docs numbers

If any of your computer-savvy parents can help, I`d recognize it.  More and extra humans are sending me Google document documents and I despise them (so far, the most effective are the medical doctors, now no longer the humans, however, that would change.)

1) They may not robotically open in Excel what is the biggest font on Google docs or Word once I download them.  My workaround is to “edit” them in Google medical doctors after which copy them.  This loses all/a few formulas/formatting in Excel.

2) Working in Google medical doctors is painful, specifically in Excel.

3) For my lifestyle of me, I cannot determine who likes those documents.  Yes, you could percentage it, however, the product you’re sharing is quite nugatory.  I’d additionally instead have a pdf.

“I do not care what you consider me. I do not consider you at all.” – Coco Chanel

Me too. My daughter makes use of Google medical doctors for college and each time she wishes to print a person withinside the residence finally ends up in tears, typically me.

Hey! We idea you can like this first-rate deal

“File,” “Download as…” “.docx”.

That will download the Google Doc Microsoft Word to hold formatting as a lot as feasible.

It’s simplified. And it is simplified for a reason –

MS Office packages are overloaded, massive, complex packages that try and do WAY an excessive amount for the user. The entire concept of template “styles” to hold codecs is truly maddening. If I desired that piece of writing to be formatted in ambitious Calibri,


The word was given too clever for it is very own good. Google Slides (the PowerPoint analog) took all of the silly stuff that humans do to “punch up” their presentations (animations, sounds, transitions, etc.) properly.

Frankly, it is made it higher – now I do not ought to take a seat down via a few inane presentations that someone’s idea was “awesome” due to the fact the phrases spin around. Google Sheets (the Excel analog), however, is imperfect. MS Excel continues to be a much higher product.

I like Google Docs.

No extra wearing around a Flash pressure for all my documents, then being misplaced once I neglect it at home. Collaborative modifying, clean sharing, spontaneous saving, computerized monitoring of edits, etc. all make Google Docs a simpler software to address than Word. Word sucks.

“When you believe Azree, you’re considerate and compelling.”

I love them. Mostly due to the fact Microsoft is a pile of donkey shit. Google delivered real-time modifying to documents (so that you do not ought to byskip report variations around) and in my work, it is a lifesaver. Microsoft continues to be seeking to trap as much as that, presenting the most effective partial model in Office 365 online, that’s the worst feasible software program I ever have had visible in my life.

1) Automatically open? Why does that matter?

If you download as to Microsoft, it typically works out simply fine. The mistakes are generally fonts that do not convert (if they are Google fonts), and loads of this is on Microsoft, whose detest permitting any entrants into it is demise grip on the workplace software program. They ought to upload nicer fonts (Google has a few quiet candy fonts if it is your thing).

Never copy. That’s inquiring for trouble. Just download as to Office, after which open them (now no longer robotically, however via way of means of simply double-clicking at the downloaded report, as you will open something). And in case you are disenchanted that Google Sheets would not robotically open to Excel, can I say Excel sucks as it would not robotically open to Google Sheets?

2) Google would not have something called “Excel.”

You suggest Google Sheets. And it is now no longer “Google Docs” that’s extra like “Word.” See, the unique apps have branding, similar to Microsoft. Besides that though, and as a person who has used each and prefers Google Sheets, could want extra data on “painful.” Google essentially installed a maximum of the menus to imitate Office, they have equal features, and I discover the Google interface a lot simpler to the eyes.

3) Well then you are in luck, due to the fact Google also can export as a PDF.

Look, the capacity to concurrently edit in preference to say matters like “I assume Sharon has the modern-day model, ship her an email” is a revolution in record modifying. When I’m placing collective budgets, I typically want approximately 4-five humans to enter matters, and putting in place a Google Sheet lets them do all of it at an equal time.

No modifying loss, no overwrite. Because Office Online is so stripped down, simply ultimate week I had an overwriting edits trouble due to the fact a person needed to take the PPT offline to do what they needed to do.

What are nugatory approximate slides that appear equal, spreadsheets that appear equal, and medical doctors that appear equal –

all whilst being a lot simpler to create?

It’s virtually actually, actually odd to me that there are humans that like Office applications. They had been shit for a protracted time, and Microsoft hasn’t achieved something to innovate the product because of the 90s. Maybe that is what humans like approximately them. I form a sense that, in my experience, there is approximately forty-five yr antique Mendoza Line for Google software program. But to reply to you, me. I love it. And I’m in no way going back.

“Uncontested dunks possibly have a barely better conversion price than uncontested layups.”

You can be proper at the Word app being a clean website developer to apply in Google sheets, however, I couldn’t get an 8-line grocery list (for the Optimist spaghetti dinner) to return into my Word software this morning, as a result, this email.

Hate how google docs numbers
Hate how google docs numbers

As a person who has used spreadsheets when you consider that Visicalc got here out, the usage of Google Sheets IS painful.  I could almost (ALMOST) instead use Visicalc.  It makes the 24-column green bar accounting sheets appearance good.  And, I cannot get it to keep in a layout that my Excel can read.


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