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Easy Digital Signage Solutions From Kiwi Are (Patent Pending)

Kiwi’s Simple Digital Signage Solutions Are (Patent Pending)


Are you looking for digital signage solutions that are both cost-effective and easy to use? Look no further than Kiwi’s simple digital signage solutions. These (patent pending) players can be plugged directly into any HDMI port and begin displaying content right away, without the need for streaming or relying on your network. Read on to find out more about how Kiwi is revolutionizing digital signage solutions with their innovative technology.


Introducing Kiwi

Kiwi is a company that provides simple digital signage solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their patent-pending products allow users to quickly and easily create and display digital content on any television or monitor with an HDMI port. Kiwi’s digital signage solutions are designed to be both cost-effective and user-friendly, with no need for complicated streaming and network setup. Instead, their plug-and-play devices make it easy to display digital signage in any environment. With Kiwi’s digital signage solutions, businesses can keep their customers informed and engaged with real-time content.


How Kiwi’s simple digital signage solution works

Kiwi’s simple digital signage solutions offer a straightforward and affordable way to get started with digital signage. Our patent-pending solution requires no streaming, relying instead on HDMI ports found on most TVs or monitors to quickly and easily turn them into digital signage. To get started, simply plug the player into an available HDMI port and instantly begin showing digital content.

This plug-and-play solution offers significant advantages over more complex digital signage solutions. It is faster to set up and far less expensive, as there is no need to purchase additional hardware or software, or pay for any streaming services.

By not streaming, Kiwi’s simple digital signage solutions also conserve bandwidth, making it a great choice for those looking to reduce their network load. The player can store content on an SD card or USB drive, so you don’t have to worry about your content going offline.

With Kiwi’s simple digital signage solution, you can rest assured that you will always have the latest content up and running, with no downtime or disruption of service.


The benefits of using Kiwi’s simple digital signage solution

Kiwi’s digital signage solutions are designed to be easy to use and economical. With their plug-and-play setup, they can be quickly plugged into any HDMI port on any TV or monitor and will begin showing straight away. The lack of streaming also means that it stays off your network, preventing security risks. Plus, there is no need for complex hardware, complicated installation or costly licensing fees.

Kiwi’s solutions are also designed to be future proof. They are able to display all types of digital content, including audio, images, video, and text. In addition, they offer cloud-based management tools so you can easily update content remotely and keep track of your signage from anywhere in the world.

Finally, Kiwi’s solutions are reliable and energy efficient. They are built with the latest technology and tested for durability, so you know you are getting the best product on the market. Plus, since they don’t require a computer or server to operate, they consume less power than traditional solutions.

digital signage solutions
digital signage solutions

How to get started with Kiwi

Getting started with Kiwi’s digital signage solutions is easy. All you need to do is plug the player into an HDMI port of any TV or monitor and it will begin showing straight away. It’s that simple. The player doesn’t require any software installation and won’t take up any space on your network. All you need to do is connect the device to the monitor and you’re good to go.

Kiwi offers a wide range of digital signage solutions for different types of businesses. There are standard models for general use, such as displaying content for retail spaces, offices, restaurants, etc. There are also customizable solutions for specific industries, such as real estate and hospitality.

Once you’ve chosen the right model for your needs, it’s easy to set up the player. All you need to do is download the app and follow the instructions. The app will guide you through setting up the player, creating content, managing multiple players, and monitoring usage statistics. You can also customize the look of your digital signage solution with templates and fonts.

Finally, once you have the player set up and connected to the monitor, you’re ready to start displaying content. You can use images, videos, text, and other media to create content that is tailored to your audience.

Getting started with Kiwi’s digital signage solutions is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is plug in the device and get creative!


What device is used for digital signage?

Digital signage solutions can be used with almost any device that has an HDMI port, such as a monitor or TV. Using a simple digital signage player from Kiwi is (patent pending), you can plug it directly into the HDMI port and begin displaying content straight away. The devices are designed to be cost-effective, so they don’t require expensive streaming or network infrastructure. You can also choose from a variety of digital signage players, depending on your needs and budget. Whether you need a basic device or something more advanced, Kiwi has the perfect solution for you.


What are the three types of signage?

Digital signage solutions are used in a variety of ways, depending on the context and purpose. The three main types of digital signage solutions include dynamic digital signage, interactive digital signage, and static digital signage.

Dynamic digital signage is a type of solution that can be changed quickly and easily, allowing for tailored messaging to be displayed in an attractive way. Dynamic digital signage includes options like video walls, video cubes, scrolling messages, and animated displays.

Interactive digital signage allows for interactive content to be displayed on a screen or device, allowing viewers to interact with it. This type of solution can be used to provide information or entertainment, collect customer data, or promote products and services. Examples of interactive digital signage include touch screens, virtual kiosks, and beacons.

Static digital signage is a solution that remains constant until it’s manually updated. This type of solution typically involves displaying text and images in a traditional manner and is used most commonly in retail environments to display advertisements, promotions, and product information. Static digital signage also includes options such as menu boards, window displays, and shelf tags.

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Digital signage solutions are a great way to advertise and inform customers of your business’s products and services. With Kiwi’s simple digital signage solution, you can get started quickly and easily without the need for streaming or taking up bandwidth on your network. Plus, their patent-pending technology gives you peace of mind that you’re investing in a reliable product. Try out Kiwi’s digital signage solutions today to see how they can benefit your business.

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