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When developing a strategy for an exhibition, companies usually spend a lot of time planning their stands. It is not always possible to expand the exhibition space to the best location for the exhibition. This is key, as the grandstands are a fundamental part of any event. The only alternative may be to take up more space somewhere in between. So why not consider expanding your exhibition space by going upstairs?

With so many display stands, you need something unique to stand out from the crowd. The double-decker exhibition stand is, of course, more prominent than one-story! Most important is using visual elements to make a stand more attractive, a common way to do this. You can take your place in a crowded market. The added height provides more opportunities for branding and recognition, expanding your visibility and reach throughout the facility.


What will you get with a double-decker exhibition stand?

The double-decker exhibition stand is visible from afar. This type of stand enables a defined boundary of the exhibition area. It helps your brand stand out from all the one-story buildings exhibition stands. Your ground floor meets all your standard display needs, inviting space for visitors, product presentations, demonstration areas, etc. Therefore, renting a two-story exhibition stand for your next event makes sense.

While your second level can become a defined space with a shifting rhythm, ideal for; Conference rooms, VIP reception, and networking. But the improved height and visibility are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the benefits of a two-tier stand.


Advantages of a double-decker exhibition stand with top exhibition stand builders in Europe

When it comes to design, a two-tiered stand allows for more creativity and more room to impress. This type of stand attracts more recipients and uses the allocated space accordingly. Double-decker exhibition stands have many other advantages, some of which are listed below.


Make a big impression with double-decker stands

It is the perfect solution for those who want to make a big impression on their visitors or multi-story exhibition stands. Stands of this class are distinguished not only by their size but also by their original shape, architecture, floor and design.

These stands organize the functional areas of your stand and allow for maximum use of space. To distract your stand from the competition, you need these exclusive stands. This is how you can present your brand to a large audience.


Maximize ROI

Two-level exhibition stand offers twice the space at the price of a single stand. Therefore, exhibitors opt for a double-decker if they are on a budget or need more space for their specific display needs. Unfortunately, exhibition stand space is often excessive, and the larger the exhibition, the more expensive the real estate in the showroom becomes.

Instead of renting more space at exhibitions, companies can sometimes stack an extra space on their stand, which is a more cost-effective option. Also, strategically plan a two-level exhibition stand if you want to invest more of your exhibition budget into other aspects of your event, it can have a more significant impact on brand awareness, likeability and memory than a large ownership stand. 


Better customer loyalty

Traffic is an essential factor in measuring the success of any business. You can do all the marketing you need, and that’s the key. Despite all your marketing efforts, visitors will not come to your stand if it is not easily accessible.

A two-story stand allows you to attract more visitors by promoting your brand on a two-story stand. You’ll also have more space and time to engage with your audience, which will help build long-term engagement.


Create remote spaces

One of the main reasons companies invest and attend exhibitions is to connect with potential customers and partners. This stand represents the companies to own personal assets and interact in a quiet, distraction-free environment. And the bustling exhibition space constantly filled with music, announcements, and general talk, hardly lasts. Therefore you must prepare for severe private conversations that will be set up on the upper level of a two-story exhibition stand. The stand helps set you apart from the rest of the crowd and offers potential customers a unique and personalized experience that ultimately helps build relationships.


To Conclude

The benefits of a double-decker exhibition stand are enticing. You can use it to get all the advantages mentioned in the post. But that doesn’t mean you should jump on the bandwagon without researching.

Deciding between being single and a two-story stand depends on several factors. Well-known exhibition stands builders in Europe, like Expo Stand Services, can design flawless double-decker exhibition stands for the global market. As the top exhibition stand design company in Germany, we create each stand with stairs, bridges, and pre-built platforms with attractive graphics to meet the different needs of each client. 

So, whether you need a custom, double-decker, or modular stand, choose us as your exhibition stand builder, as we are offering a range of showcasing services.

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