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Does Your Crawl Space Need to Be Cleaned?

Most homeowners only enter the crawl space under their house when they must. This isn’t somewhere they choose to spend their free time. However, every homeowner must know the signs their crawl space needs cleaning.

A dirty crawl space can negatively impact indoor air quality. In addition, it can lead to higher energy bills and make it difficult to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Any homeowner who sees one or more of the following signs should call for a crawl space inspection right away.

Moisture in the Crawl Space

Any moisture in the crawl space increases the likelihood of mold and mildew growth. In addition, this moisture could lead to rotted beams and ruined insulation. Vented crawl spaces are more likely to have a problem with moisture buildup, surprisingly. This moisture can lead to mosquito infiltration and more. Call today to have the crawl space cleaned and prevent or resolve these issues.

Pest Infestations

Nobody wants to share their home with rodents. However, a dirty crawl space attracts these critters. When they make their way into the home, they leave behind droppings and urine, which can make family members ill. Much of the air in the home comes from the crawl space, so have it cleaned today to remove these unwanted guests. This cleaning should also include decontamination of the crawl space to remove any residue from the pests.

Crawl Space

Excessive Humidity in the Home

The home may remain humid even when it reaches the desired temperature. This also suggests there is standing water or moisture in the crawl space. It’s harder to heat and cool humid air, and this air traps allergens and pollutants, which can make the home’s residents ill. Cleaning the crawl space will lower humidity levels in the home.

A Musty Odor in the Home

Mold often comes with a musty odor, one that reminds a person of rotting wood or dirty socks. Persistent smells in the home may indicate the crawl space needs to be cleaned. During this cleaning, standing water and leaks must be addressed to prevent the problem from returning.

Cold Floors or Uneven Heating and Cooling of the Home

Nobody wants to walk across cold floors or feel the need to change clothes when they move between rooms in the home. If the floors remain cold and certain rooms don’t heat or cool evenly, it may be a problem with the insulation in the crawl space. Air leaks and temperature loss are common when the crawl space lacks the appropriate amount of insulation, so having this area cleaned and treated may resolve the issues a homeowner is experiencing.

Plumbing Problems

Nobody wants to deal with a plumbing issue. By having the crawl space professionally inspected, a homeowner can reduce the odds of plumbing problems. During the cleaning, the team will check the insulation to ensure it is adequate. Ample insulation will not only help the homeowner save on energy bills, but it will also reduce the risk of pipes freezing in cold weather.

The crawl space of the home should be inspected twice each year. This allows problems to be caught early. A clean and properly insulated crawl space will save the homeowner time and money, so call for this inspection today.

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