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Cori’s Cozy Corner

If you are looking for a family-friendly blog with product reviews, giveaways, and fun ideas for kids, then Coris Cozy Corner is the perfect place for you. This South Florida-based blogger is a member of the Mom Approved Panel and offers great content.

A Calm-Down Corner is an important tool for your children to use when they need to calm down. But it’s important that you don’t send your child to this area alone!

Family-friendly blog

Cori?s Cozy Corner is a family-friendly blog with helpful parenting tips, product reviews, giveaways and fun ideas for kids. This South Florida blogger is a member of the Mom Approved Panel and loves to share her experience as a mom with others. She writes about local events and activities that she takes her two daughters to. She also features product reviews and fun crafts and recipes. We sent her a WatchMinder and she loved it!


If you are looking for fun giveaways for the kids in your life, you will want to check out Cori?s Cozy Corner. This South Florida-based blog features helpful parenting tips, product reviews, and family-friendly activities. You will also find craft ideas, recipes, and more! It is a member of the Mom Approved Panel and is sure to be a good source of ideas for your family. You can even get a free family calendar from her site! To learn more about her blog and other great tips, visit the website today! Thank you to Cori for sharing her ideas with us! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. See you soon! We will be back soon with more fun ideas for your family!

Fun ideas for kids

If your children enjoy reading, you can create a cozy reading nook for them to read in. Whether you have an antique bed on the porch or a comfy couch, there are plenty of creative ways to design a reading nook for kids. Creating a space that your kids love will help them stay motivated to read and learn more. Besides a place to read, a cozy reading nook can also help your child calm down and express his or her feelings. A reading nook is also great for encouraging your child to play independently and build friendships with other children. This type of activity can also help them learn how to share their emotions and interact with others. This is especially helpful if your child has trouble communicating his or her feelings.


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