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Bruce Weber On Getting Prepared For Magazine Photo Shoots

For a photographer who is getting started, being featured in a magazine could be the greatest form of honor. Magazines don’t usually feature photos unless they are too high quality. When a photographer receives an invitation to contribute to a magazine it means joining the elite photography clan of the industry. It is natural to dream of being featured in a magazine for photography because being featured in a magazine not only gives one high recognition but also opens many other opportunities to the photographers.

Bruce Weber On Magazine Photography

Bruce Weber is a veteran photographer who is known for his fashion photography skill. Bruce has been featured in countless celebrity magazines for his skill and talent. He has created a unique reputation for being a creative photographer who brings the best out of the subjects.

Bruce has many other talents. Writing is one of the talents that Bruce possesses. He has written a few books for those who want to know about photography. Bruce knows that it is a big achievement to be featured in a magazine. Here he tells the young photographers how they can earn the honor of being magazine photographers.

However, before getting started, Bruce wants everyone to know that it is not easy to be featured in a magazine. Some dream of this achievement and fail to get it. Others don’t even try thinking about the hard work they will have to put in. But Bruce says it is not impossible to get selected by a magazine. Only, one has to practice and hold on to patience.

Understand The Editorial Work

To get featured in a magazine, one needs to know how the magazines work. The question is – how does one get picked by magazines? All the well-known magazines follow a monthly cycle of themes. Each month the magazine editors sit for a discussion where they choose the monthly theme. Usually, during these meetings, the editorial team picks the photographers to feature. Sometimes they suggest featuring a new photographer. So, if one wants to get into the pages of a magazine, one needs to get in touch with the editorial team before this meeting takes place. It is a way to remind the magazine world that there are talents outside the pages.

Create An Impressive Portfolio

A portfolio is the most essential part of a photographer’s life. It is the resume that one will show the world to get gigs. If someone wants to impress a magazine editor, one needs to create an impressive portfolio. Bruce says that countless tutorials teach how to create a photography portfolio. One can learn from the tutorials. Or, one can explore online resources for inspiration. It helps to include different types of photos in the portfolio.

Pay Attention To the Promotion

The modern era is amazing for aspiring talents. They have the means and the platforms to promote their works. As per Bruce Weber, to get noticed one needs to continuously post on social media. Photographers frequently cancel their shoots. If this happens, editors look for a replacement. To let them know about one’s work, one needs to continue posting on social media.

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