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All About Label Applicator Machines

In manual labeling, the labels are applied in different positions, making them visually unattractive and the customer. If the labels are not applied cleanly, the information could not be readable, or the label could even peel off later. Now, an automatic label applicator machine can apply labels to products of various sizes and shapes, which is challenging to do by hand. With automatic labeling, employees can save time and focus on more crucial tasks efficiently, thus making automatic label applicators a preferred choice for many businesses. Automatic Labeling machines come in the form of fully automatic or semi-automatic models. A bottle labeling machine is used when dispensing, applying, or printing labels that stick on various bottles with vital information about the product to assist the customers.

Different types of Automatic label applicator machine

An automatic label applicator machine is used to apply various types of labels on products of different designs. Automatic labeling machines come in various types that help to increase the labeling capacity as the machine contains automatic features requiring minimal to no involvement of the operators. Types of automatic label applicator machines are Double Side Sticker Labeling Machines, which is an electromechanical machine that accurately applies labels on the backside and front side of different containers; Square Bottle Labeling Machine, which is an electromechanical device that places different labels on square or rectangular-shaped containers.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machine is an electromechanical device that applies self-sticking labels on different parts of the container ; Vertical Labeling Machine is suitable for conducting partial or complete labeling for cylindrical-shaped containers; a Flat Surface Labeling Machine is an electromechanical device that applies labels on flat surfaces of containers; a Horizontal Labeling Machine is suitable for labeling hazardous products, usually in an upright position, Point Wrap-around Labeling Machine is suitable for labeling round products accurately, Multi-function Labeling Machine is suitable for multi-directional labeling of different containers, Paste Labeling Machine that applies paste on the labels which then attach to the surface of containers, Cylinder Labeling Machine that apply labels on the surface of round or cylindrical containers, etc.

Benefits of using an automatic label applicator machine

In manufacturing companies, labels are printed and attached daily. Therefore an automatic label applicator allows printing the labels with the information you need, complies with current regulations, and provides your packaging with added value compared to the competition. An automatic label applicator machine has a high and accurate capacity, allowing the labeling process to automate, leading to more production, sales, and profit margins. The salient features of an automatic label applicator machine include smooth and high speed of operation, complete password protection, Output up to 200/ 300 Label/Min, accurate label placement, and a built-in product counter. The benefits of an Automatic label applicator machine include automation of the labeling process, the safety of labeling and operators, cost savings, increased production efficiency, the possibility of printing files in a PDF format, for instance, from ERP systems, etc.

Benefits of a bottle labeling machine

A bottle labeling machine can execute assembly with less energy and reduce employee stress. A bottle labeling machine increases efficiency by automatically accounting for the size and placement of bottle labels. The bottle labeling machines can also apply two labels simultaneously to further speed up the assembly. Bottle label applicators are also compatible with most roll-label printers. Hence, a bottle labeling machine is highly user-friendly and improves the business’s productivity. However, before purchasing a bottle labeling machine, check the labels’ roll dimensions to ensure they fit the perimeter of the equipment. A bottle labeling machine needs a Factory Acceptance Test that monitors all components of the bottle labeling machine to ensure they operate as per the specifications.

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