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Why are Acoustic Bands Becoming More Popular for Events and Weddings?

Acoustic bands have grown in popularity over the last few years. They have a distinct sound that is not often found in other musical genres. Acoustic bands typically create their sound with instruments such as guitars, Upright bass, and drums. The combined effect of these instruments creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that all types of audiences can enjoy. Acoustic bands also offer an intimate setting for both performers and listeners, making them ideal for small venues or house shows. It’s no surprise that acoustic bands are so popular today, with their distinct sound and capacity to bring people together!

What Instruments do Acoustic Bands Use

An acoustic band typically consists of a guitar, bass, drums, and vocalist. While some bands may choose to add additional instruments such as a keyboard or mandolin, these four typically make up the core of an acoustic ensemble. In addition to these main components, a banjo, violin, or another string instrument may be used for specific songs. Depending on the skill level and style of the band, a variety of different instruments may be used to create a unique soundscape.

Singing Guitarists

Hiring a singing acoustic guitarist for a wedding reception can add a unique level of ambience and entertainment. Acoustic guitars are more mellow than electric guitars, making them perfect for a relaxed wedding reception. A singing acoustic guitarist can easily provide the perfect backing music for the evening. Not only can they play beautiful renditions of all the best love songs, but they can also interact with the guests in a way that a DJ or band cannot.

Acoustic Bands for Venues with a Sound Limiter

An acoustic band is the ideal choice of live music when a venue has a sound limiter fitted. Acoustic bands use instruments that produce a mellow sound, such as acoustic guitars and percussion, which reduces the amount of noise produced and minimizes disruption. As acoustic bands often use fewer musicians than a full band, their sound will not be as loud, allowing the venue to keep their noise levels down without sacrificing the atmosphere. Furthermore, acoustic bands can play any genre of music, regardless of the style, making them suitable for venues with a range of events.

Hire a Roaming Band

An acoustic roaming band is a collection of musicians who roam around the venue or grounds playing different kinds of music in different environments. These musicians can range from rock to folk artists to jazz groups and beyond. Acoustic roaming bands typically utilize acoustic instruments such as guitars, mandolins, and banjos to create a unique sound with their music. They can play a variety of music in many different settings, making them flexible for any situation or venue.

Mexican Mariachi Bands

A Mexican Mariachi band is a traditional, acoustic ensemble that plays lively, festive music. Originating from small villages in Mexico, the Mariachi bands usually include two or more guitarists, trumpeters, and at least one violinist. This genre of music typically also includes small percussion instruments such as guitarrón (a large guitar), vihuela (a small five-string guitar), and a harp. The musicians in Mariachi bands often wear ornate charro suits, which are traditional ceremonial suits made of satin or velvet.


Acoustic bands are quickly becoming the preferred choice for wedding ceremonies and other special events. Their sound is much more intimate than the loud, energetic noise of a full band, which is especially well-suited for occasions that require a sense of romance or peace. By playing recognizable songs and familiar melodies, acoustic bands deliver a calming and soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for such occasions. Additionally, acoustic bands can be as versatile as their full-band counterparts, providing music for every event from dinner parties to corporate gatherings.

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